Which Bluetooth Headphones You Should Have ?

Five Best Bluetooth Headphones for Working out and Sports

Wireless or Bluetooth headphones have become important accessories for people with phones, and laptops.Headphones that are designed for use in the gym and working out, are different than those used in home or office, for example headphones, which are used in sports, tend to be more comfortable to wear while being active and sound grand, to contend with high music levels and cancel outdoor noises.

I managed to put a list of five headphones, I believe they are well-suited for use during physical activities, and in the process, you will hopefully get a better idea of which headphones will suit you better.


Features Overall Rating
AOSO M21 Magnetic Control

Super HD Sound

Long effective battery with 120mAh


9 /10
AOSO M16  High-fidelity stereo sound

360 Degree ear-hook fits

Nice gift package

8.5 /10
AOSO G18 Bluetooth V4.1

Comfortable fit for sport

Fashionable looking

9 /10
AOSO S5 Inexpensive price

Elegant design,

Personalized Design of Ear Buds


8.5 /10
AOSO G13 Richly-detailed Audio,

IPX4 waterproof

Inline control

Light weight for easy carry

8.5 /10

 *The Overall Rating is based on each headphone’s Durability, Price, How they fit, Bluetooth Range, and Battery.


AOSO G13 -Great Sound and Intuitive Design

Granted that it does look slightly bigger, but it’s pretty light.The rubbery material of the cable is good in preventing it to slip easily when you wear it over your neck. Yes you would normally wear it over your neck. It’s long enough that the monitor part just come down on the right hand side of your mouth.

The cool thing about these earbuds is that each of them has a ‘wing’ which will help the earpiece to stay put inside your ear, even when you have to jump or run around, as you do when you are say in a gym doing some training.I must say it works quiet well. Another cool voice prompt is when you get a phone call from someone. It will actually speak the phone number of the caller, so you don’t need to look at your phone to know who’s calling (assuming you remember the number of course).

If you are an iPhone user, you will be able to call up Siri by pressing the main button in the remote and release it quickly in 3 seconds.The model features the APT-x wireless technology, which means you can enjoy a High Definition sound in continuous streaming.The drivers manage to reproduce a decent low bass range, although it often sounds muffled.

When it lacks in its low ranges, the G13 makes it up with a pretty good mid and high range.

AOSO S5-Decent quality with cost-effective

They come with 3 different size ear plug-ins and with them 3 different size ear stabilizers. They stabilize so well that they are hard to take back out. You might realize that your iPhone doesn’t sync with your headphone automatically the first time. so the way to do this is; turn your bluetooth on your iPhone, press the power button on your Mpow headphone and keep holding it for about 8 seconds until your phone sees the device. then just select the device on your phone and connect to it. You only have to do this the first time, next time you want to connect your headphones it will take no longer than a second.

Another great feature about the device is that it speaks to you. Tells you when it’s turned on-off, when it connects to a device and when it gets to the loudest volume. The buttons are easy to use, you can start-pause-skip songs with the buttons. Just play around with them and you’ll figure it out.

Sound quality, this is perfect too. I can’t live with out music, and these ear phones have the bass every music lover desires…If you are looking for decent bluetooth headphone but with the most favorite price ,AOSO S5 is highly recommended by cost-effective feature

AOSO G18-Ergonomic design specially for sporting

It is designed with soft 15 °ear-hook, guarantee 100% stable and comfortable for wearing, which makes you no worry about the falling down during your running, cycling, gym exercise and other outdoor sports.What’s more,ergonomic design enhances wearing comfort. the most stable listening experience with ear hooks that ensure your headphones always stay in place.premium sports headphones with IPX4 rating to protect against sweat and moisture.

By bluetooth V4.1,AOSO G18 can easily and fast pair with smart-phones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices; AptX codec offer you impressive dynamic sound.it takes advantage of CVC noise cancellation 6.0 , and reduces outside noises for clearer sound from mic. Supporting hand-free / A2DP / AVRCP / CVC technology, low-power, make connection more stable, you can get high quality, hands-free phone conversation on-the-go practicality.

G18 headphones built-in 80mAh advanced rechargeable lithium battery ,providing you much longer use experience. These are a good value pair of bluetooth earpieces with great sound quality and high-end workmanship .

M16- Adjustable earhook is brilliant.

I was happy with the carry case, it was quite hard and robust, made from quality materials and strong zipper. I suspect this will offer very good long term protection for the earphones. It also has a small pocket inside the carry case, great for storing the earbuds and USB cable.We all know you buy headphones for sound quality, and I was extremely impressed with the clarity of these with clear lyrics with great high and lows.

The best innovation with these would have to be the stiff, bendable cable near the earphones, it gives you the chance to adjust the cable to perfectly fit your ears, so no more off the shelf uncomfortable ear hooks! Even after hours they felt fantastic with no slippage or movement, yet still perfectly comfortable. Genius!


Innovate bendable cable near earphone

Very good sound quality, better than my Sony exercise earphones

Comfortable ear buds even when sweaty from working out

Long play time (not had them run out yet after a good couple of exercise sessions)

Impressive volume (careful of your hearing!)

Responsive buttons with LED information light

Cord clip to hold cable in place

Good value for money

AOSO M21-Personalized magnetic design with high-end looking

The earphones are excellent quality, able to handle high, medium and low frequency sounds well. Dance tracks with heavy base sounded great, while listening to audio books was a joy, with warm natural sounding voices.The latest Bluetooth 4.1 standard means that audio is transferred at the best available bit rate, while also giving excellent battery life.Built-in 120mAh battery , it provides you 9 hours of talk time / 180 songs / 18 days standby.

AOSO M21 buetooth headphone is best valued with personalize magnet design , which allows you to enjoy music and pick calls in a new way. you just need to simply separating the two magnetic buttons when playing  music or or taking a call ;and connect  the magnetic heads together if you want to stop the music or end a phone calls .additional you may wear it like a necklace. It will activate the power saving mode to save battery power.it is much easy and simple for use when you are on sport ,providing you wonderful experience of listening as well as sporting .

The earphones come presented in an attractive box, along with a USB cable for charging and some different sized rubber ear pieces. They would make an excellent gift, with a real high-end feel to both the packaging and the earphones.

About AOSO:
AOSO offers reliable audio products like bluetooth speakers, gaming headsets, bluetooth headphones; and we aim to become the most trusted audio brand. AOSO are committed to becoming the most loved and trusted market place on the Amazon by offering a superior shopping experiences, rapid delivery and superior customer service.

Choose AOSO ,Sounds Awesome !

Product details:

M21: http://www.aosotech.com/product_m21.php

M16: http://www.aosotech.com/product_m16.php



G13: http://www.aosotech.com/product_g13-black.php


S5: http://www.aosotech.com/product_s5-black.php






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