The F.A.Q Of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones: AOSO G13

Q: Headphones would cut off for unknown reasons sometimes
A: I’d like to note you that please make sure it’s in the fully charged status, and the battery’s consumption would affect the effective distance. The item would turn off automatically if disconnected up to 5 minutes.
And for the best result, we recommend that the connection distance between the product and your devices can be maintained less than 7 meters, cause the headset would cut off automatically if it’s out of the range.

Q: It can only last 7 hours not the 10h stated.
A: Please note that your volume and your music type would also have a strong effect on the battery life.
And also please make sure that it was fully charged or not, namely whether the LED indicator has switched from red to green or not.

Q: Sometimes music skips occurred when I was doing sports.
A: We recommend you to restart your device.
And also please be noted that it’s the normal phenomenon if music skips occurred during your workout, this is the unavoidable disadvantage for Bluetooth headset under the current technologies.

Q: Will not retain charge
A: Please try another charging cable in the same type.

Q: Can’t seem to work with my device.
A: This item is compatibility with over 99% bluetooth devices. Please make sure that bluetooth has been turned on and it’s in the connected status.
If yes, please check whether you’ve followed the instruction or not and could you also show me your device.

Q: Sometimes not happy with the sound, and the sound is worse than my original earphones.
A: This item is adopted with Bluetooth V4.1 HIFI audio transmission standard, but would not as good as wired earphones in sounds quality since it would be affected during transmission.
And please note that original sounds would also affect your sounds quality.

Q: It seemed not waterproof
A: This product is adopted with IPX4 sweatproof technology. But if you want a waterproof headset, our IPX5 waterproof headset maybe your best choice.

Q: The connecting button located on the back, not as the normal ones.
A: It’s due to human use habits. This item is designed to break the inherent design concept. Follow the instruction and you would be accustomed to it.


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