New Released AOSO Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earphones: G18

AOSO G18 Sports Wireless Headphone Bluetooth V4.1 Adjustable Ear Hook In Ear Sweat-proof Noise Cancelling workout Earphone with 80mAh Battery & Mic for iphone 7, Samsung Smartphone and Tablet


Bluetooth 4.1 headset, model AOSO G18 laptop, light, compact, with microphone, compatible with any Bluetooth device.

It has a very clear sound, good reception of the microphone and you connect to two devices simultaneously. This is of great use for those with two cell like me.

The bluetooth headsets in general and, therefore this product, are much more practical than most classical with the cable and a 3.5mm jack, because of the lack of cable that always ends up intertwined.

The pairing with your smartphone is very simple, just press and hold for a few seconds the power button MFB instead of a headset. The green LED indicator light flashes alternating red and green light and then will automatically enter pairing mode.

It is necessary only for coupling at the first time, then the device is recognized immediately when you activate the Bluetooth smartphone.

Contains within it a rechargeable lithium battery 80mAh, 6H time of music / talk and standby 160H,

The size of this bluetooth headset are contained and fits with the ears of most people thanks also to silicone capsules of various sizes present in the package. 3 pairs of silicone capsules of S – size M – L, one of which is already mounted on the headphones.

This headset is suitable for use in the gym and at leisure with convenient hooks for the ears that make it stable even when you move. The product is compact and easy to transport, even if the package is not including a case or a bag, but you can repack subsequently.

A simple piece of advice that I always give is to not keep him in office longer than necessary, I talk to many hours beyond the recommended limit of charge, usually 2 hours, because it could be damaged. It happened to me with another different brand of headset that after keeping it on charge all night has overheated melting the plastic part of Funzone keys +/-, and it is irreparably damaged.


I consider it a good headset has a microphone, a multifunction button, the + and – on a interface and an input for battery charging cable placed on the DC 5V headset. Ill USB cable is included in the package, along with the constructions in English and a practical rubber stopper to stretch the connection cable of the two ear according to the deemed more suitable distance.

In conclusion I feel satisfactory product for listening to music but also to make and receive phone calls. The sound is clear, good treble, slightly less bass, but in acceptable compass.

It reaches a high enough volume that, of course you can adjust the function + and – buttons placed on the same headset and the price seemed in line with the products of the same category.

Its ergonomic design means that it fits perfectly ear and speaker fits perfectly within the lobe is required only allows choosing the silicone capsule that best suits their characteristics to reduce noise outside. product meets to my expectations.

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