[New Release]AOSO Waterproof Backseat Car Organizer

AOSO Waterproof Backseat Car Organizer 13 Multi-Pocket Auto Interior Storage Universal Fit Trunk Multipurpose Cargo Accessories Back Seat for Baby Products Kids Toy Storage-jumbo Size

  • [ A MUST HAVE ]: AOSO Waterproof Backseat Organizer is made out premium waterproof material, which is strong, durable, and perfect for Cars, Vans, SUV, and Tracks. Absolutely NO factory-smell, and safe for health. Ideal for life-long product.
  • [ 13-Pocket w/ Detachable Pocket ]: The latest designed backset auto organizer features jumbo sized compartment for the ultimate hold everything car storage solution, complete with a detachable pocket for grab & go convenience.
  • [ Say Bye to Clutter ]: You can store sports great, dog supplies, tools, toys, and emergency equipment in the organizer. It will keep the backseat or trunk of your car clutter-free.
  • [Ideal for Multi-Size Car]: The backseat/trunk organizer is measuring 11.8 x 1 x 22 inches (19*9*20cm). It’s designed to fit most family cars such as: Micro car & Subcompact car & Compact car & Mid-size car with two adjustable straps for the headrest posts, so it will be simple and easy to install on the front seats for organizing your car, or on the back seat for organizing your trunk.
  • [ Buy It Now with Confidence ]: Top quality auto backseat organizer will keep your car clean and AOSO Promise 100% Customer Satisfaction with LIFETIME warranty guarantee.

Check details: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I2ZAC9S



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