New Release-AOSO QI Fast Charge 1.4x Faster Wireless Charging Pad

Fast Wireless Charger, AOSO QI Fast Charge 1.4x Faster Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Note 7 Note 5 S6 Edge & all Standard Qi-enabled devices


  • 【30% for 30mins】Up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless charging pads, reducing total charging time from 0-100% by up to 50 minutes! Please use QC 2.0 or Samsung original adapter and cable to enable fast charge feature.
  • 【Intelligent Identification】AOSO 10W Fast Wireless Charger will intelligently identify your devices; For QC 2.0 Supported device, it will automatically switch to Fast Charging Mode with 9V/1.5A Power. (QC2.0 Power Adapter is required), and 5V/2A Power for Standard QI Devices.(Note:Not compatibility with Galaxy Note Egde)
  • 【Muti-Safety Protection】Intelligently monitoring overvoltage, over-temperature, overcurrent and short circuit. The Muti-Safety Protection system efficiently protects your device and the charger itself from any danger.
  • 【LED Indicator Lights】 Both Green and Blue Light flash for 1s means it’s ready to charge, White Blue Light flashes is in Standard Charging Mode, and the Green Light flashes is in Fast Charging Mode. Both Green and Blue Light flash for 3s second is let you know your device is fully charged. Blinking Blue Lights mean an unsupported device has been detected.
  • 【3mm Detection Distance】Reasonable 3mm detection-distance allows you charging your devices with favorite phone case. (Note: The thickness of phone case is recommend less than 3mm)

Popular Smartphones that Support Qi Enabled Direct Charging
For Fast Charging (9V/1.5A):
Galaxy Note7 / Note5
Samsung Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
For Standard Charging (5V/2A) :
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 7 2nd Gen
Nexus 4 / 5 / 6
Nokia Lumia 920 / 1020 / 928
Lumia 950xl
Lumia 950 HTC 8X (not UK version)
Rzound and other Qi-Enabled Devices.

Check product details: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I38GHKC




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