Best Gift -AOSO J9 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Stereo Headphone with Mic & LED Light

Ok for PS4, Best for PC


Now as far as this review goes I tested a little bit on PC using the only game I really have which is Garry’s Mod playing some Prop Hunt, not the best but gave me a good idea. Other than I also tested using a family members PS4, games were CoD Ghosts & Black Ops 3. As far as gaming, I have a 360 & One from XBOX. I’ve used Turtle Beach, Astros and currently use a HyperX Cloud 2 fed through my Astro Mixamp via Optical to my One. I’m very familiar with gaming headsets & 7.1 surround.

Some specs on these:


Frequency range:20-20KHZ 




Frequency range:20-20000HZ 


Drive Unit:50mm 

Cable length: Approx. 2.2m 

Microphone size:Φ6.0*2.7mm 

These came in a nicely packaged Blue & Black Box. Nothing extra special but it gets the job done.

The headphones themselves are of a Brushed Bronze color with a large “cat” of some type on the outer shell, not sure why but looks cool. Around the “cat” on the shell, the headphones themselves light up a bright blue color. Looks pretty cool. The earpads are well padded and comfy. The band it self has the two large bands, AKG style. As stated earlier the only input is a long USB cable. Also, is of course the mic, nothing special but looks cool. Now my gripe with the build, these do not have enough clamp force, because of this they do not seal well and slip on my head and tend to just feel bulky though comfy.

Now onto the sound, for what they cost, they are good. USB powered really hinders them though, in a sense of versatility and in performance. I found no issues with volume via my Mac. When connected to the PS4 where most testing took place the volume was pretty low, bass did not get boomy b/c it didn’t get loud enough, midrange seemed a bit sucked out though the treble was crisp for what it was. I did make sure the console volume output was maxed and the volume dial on the headset itself was maxed out. Oddly enough too, when playing Ghosts it was definitely stereo but when playing BO3 it seemed a bit more 7.1 like. Nothing like through my Astro Mixamp which does virtual surround sound.

In conclusion I will try and do a bit more time testing via a PC with better games at a family members house and will definitely update the review but as of right now I feel there are better options for PS4. For PC I see no issues, everything was clear and sounded good (as good as Garry’s Mod can sound haha!).

These can be purchased from Amazon for currently $35.99: https://www.amazon.com/AOSO-J9-Headphone-Microphone-Isolating/dp/B01LMXK47M




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