AOSO D-82B Bluetooth Speaker – Great looking and sounding speaker

Great looking and sounding speaker. Plenty of volume and the option to use wired or wireless


Since I am an avid reviewer of Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earphone, this AOSO Wireless Bluetooth speaker appealed to me on account its sleek looks, as well as the fact that I have also had a good experience with a couple of other AOSO Bluetooth products.

What’s Included:
* AOSO Wireless Bluetooth speaker
* USB Charging cable
* 3.5mm AUX cable
* Instruction leaflet

The Details:
This AOSO Wireless Bluetooth speaker consists of a stereo speaker system with an internal rechargeable battery. The speaker grille if a dimpled black metal panel, while the rest of the speaker is a glossy black plastic, with integral buttons on the top and sockets plus power switch on the back.

The speaker measures 21cm long x 6.5cm deep x 7cm tall, and the speaker has 2 rubber feet, ensuring good contact with the surface it is stood on, which reduces unwelcome vibrations and rattles when playing music at high volumes or low frequencies.

The main controls (4 buttons) are on the top , while the 2 sockets (AUX and USB charging) plus the power switch and TF (microSD card) slot are on the back. The 4 buttons perform a host of functions: play/pause, source select, volume up/down and navigate next/previous, with more functions being available when used as a speakerphone with a compatible phone.

I used the speaker with my Apple iPhone 5s in both wireless and wired modes. Pairing was a very straightforward process, and took only a few moments. The different modes are identified by a number of different tones, rather than a voice, as used in some models of Bluetooth device. Once paired, I could control Amazon Music and Spotify on my phone from the speaker.

The speaker has a built in rechargeable battery, which is recharged using the supplied 80cm USB to micro USB cable from any available USB port. I use my laptop, but any USB port, USB charger or other USB socket should be fine.

When used in wired mode, the supplied 80cm 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo AUX cable can be plugged into the headphone or line out of any suitable device. I used my iPhone 5s again, and the audio was as good as over Bluetooth.

Whether operating wirelessly or wired, the audio quality is very good, and the sound reproduction is crisp and clear, although the very low end frequencies are slightly lacking, giving a slightly reduced bass output, but still giving a very clear sound. The speaker also gives out great volume. When the speaker is turned up full, the resulting volume is very loud considering the size of the speaker.

The speaker does actually also contain a microphone, so can be used as a speakerphone, when connected via Bluetooth. In order to see how well it picked me up, I used it with Skype’s call testing / echo service on my iPhone and was happy with the results. I did need to be quite close to the microphone for it to pick me up, however this functionality is not the main reason I would be using this speaker, as I have a Jabra for proper speakerphone calls.

When used for normal voice calls, the play/pause button can also be used to answer and hang up calls.

the included instruction leaflet is very good with a good labelled diagram, FAQ section and technical specification.

I have yet to try using a microSD card, but don’t often listen to music this way, as most of my music is on Spotify or Amazon Music.

Overall, the AOSO Wireless Bluetooth speaker sounds great, with plenty of volume and good clean looks. Wired and wireless modes are a bonus.

Check details: http://www.aosotech.com/product_d82b.php


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