AOSO Car Seat Organizer -great gadget for everyone. not just people with kids

AOSO Kids Car Seat Organizer Trunk Backseat Organizer 13 Multi-Pocket Auto Interior Jumbo Storage Universal Fit Waterproof Multipurpose Cargo Car Accessories for Women Children Baby Toy


Let me start by saying i have 4 kids and they bring EVERYTHING to the van, Drinks, Snacks, Toys, Tablets, Rocks (they’re all boys), Extra Shoes, EVERYTHING!!! So when I was given the chance to test and review the AOSO seat back organizer I jumped at the chance! I was so dang excited to get this thing in my van so i could let the boys load it up with their stuff without it ending up on the floor and under the seats. Before I get to all the reasons this thing is great lets go over how its made….

– Stitching is great, nothing is off or coming unraveled.
– Fabric is THICK and sturdy, also waterproof! (that will come in handy durning winter).
– Pockets are huge! the aren’t just flat pockets they are sew on to stick out and really hold your stuff.
– Drink holders on the side fit a good sized water bottle. (not the large gatorade but it does fit the kind with the twist top which is what we often buy for the boys to drink)
– On the bottom back-side of the organizer has an adjustable bungee strap with a buckle to tighten it to the seat.
– The top back-side of the organizer has a strap with a buckle also (its not bungee link though) to strap and adjust around the medal parts of the headrest.

Now onto the features that we love about the AOSO organizer:

– There are three rows of pockets. The top row has two thick pockets with velcro closures on the top and then a skinny pouch in the middle good for a regular sized water bottle with elastic around the top to hold it secure.
– The middle row consists of two equal sized pockets on the left and the right, each pocket is big enough to hold a travel pack of baby wipes or a few spare diapers and each pocket has 2 smaller sized mesh fronts with elastic on the top good for a snack pack or something.
– The bottom row has one HUGE pocket with a small velcro strip in the middle to hold it closed. This section is perfect for a tablet or 2 or even a couple of coloring books and a ziplock with crayons. On the front of the big pocket is a large removable sipper pouch and two great sized drink holders as I mentioned in the section about quality.

I am very pleased with the organizer and would recommend it to anyone, kids or not although you would want to take the front removable pouch off if your not using it for kids stuff because the cartoon animals are obviously very kid-ish. The price point is…well on point! $12 for this thing is amazing! It is Very handy and well made I expect it to last many years.

Considering the quality of work, I think this is an excellent deal. I’m considering buying another so we can have one on the passenger seat and one on the driver’s seat.

Check details:http://www.aosotech.com/product_car_organizer.php

US Store :https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I2ZAC9S


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