AOSO Best Audio Gadgets for Christmas Gift

To celebrate Christmas Day , AOSO prepared the best deals among our selling items .which covers bluetooth headphone,gaming headset , and bluetooth speaker ,they are mostly popular gadgets for our daily life ,and make our life easier as well as smarter .we pick up the hottest audio gadgets as special gift for your families and friends ,and believe it is meaningful and sensible to take it .

You will not pay much money on these hot sales , as we mark them as gift sale .that is the best deals we say .with these gift audio , you could not only get such nice item by very nice price , but also the gift could deliver  the deep relationship and appreciation to your loved people .

M21 Magnetic Bluetooth Headphone


AOSO M21 buetooth headphone is best valued with personalize magnet design , which allows you to enjoy music and pick calls in a new way. you just need to simply separating the two magnetic buttons when playing  music or or taking a call ;and connect  the magnetic heads together if you want to stop the music or end a phone calls .additional you may wear it like a necklace. It will activate the power saving mode to save battery power.it is much easy and simple for use when you are on sport ,providing you wonderful experience of listening as well as sporting .

The earphones are excellent quality, able to handle high, medium and low frequency sounds well. dance tracks with heavy base sounded great, while listening to audio books was a joy, with warm natural sounding voices.The latest Bluetooth 4.1 standard means that audio is transferred at the best available bit rate, while also giving excellent battery life.

The sound of this earphone are quite large, since they contain both the drivers and batteries, but not at all heavy. They stayed very secure in ears, even during vigorous exercise. They helpfully include a magnet on the backs of both buds allowing them to be stuck to each other around your neck when not in use.

The earphones come presented in an attractive box, along with a USB cable for charging and some different sized rubber ear pieces. They would make an excellent gift, with a real high-end feel to both the packaging and the earphones.

J9 USB7.1 Surround Game Headsets


It is the latest design of gaming headset we launched .compared with similar branded gaming headset like logitech, hyperX, Sades etc ,this gaming headset is unique design with AOSO customized innovation which is equipped with advanced virtual 7.1 channel surround sound engine, enabling custom setup for each game or audio program and bringing you the immersive experience of the battle.Retractable and 360 degree adjustable duplex microphones make AOSO gaming headset much more sensitive and durable.

The closed ear-cup of AOSO J9 gaming headset, covers your entire ear and cuts out external sound very effectively, and without any of irritating ‘seashell effect’ as many headsets suffered.when you wear J9 headset ,it  will be the excellent sound insulation that J9 headphones offer.The earmuffs is made of skin-friendly leather material with super softy and permeability, the adjustable double headband with lightweight and ergonomic fit, improved suspension system with self-adjusting headband. users can wear these and they fit perfectly on personal ears.

AOSO gaming headset can be used as wonderful musician headphone with excellent bass. high precision 50mm driver, bring you vivid sound field, providing you sound clarity, sound shock feeling for various music. J9 headphone is compatible with Window 10, 8, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 ,10 and MAC generic (no drivers). It is best gaming headphones to use in your favorite game with great exclusives features with 7.1 surround Virtual sound.all allowing you an ultimate comfort for long periods during your intense fighting. extreme durability, luxurious premium feel to the headphones as well as being strong and robust to look great for many years. This is professional gaming headset for your choice.

Metal-box Bluetooth Speaker


Metal-box bluetooth speaker is the classic design with decent size and brushed neat metal body . the speaker comes with a 3.5mm headphone cable and a Micro USB charging cable. You won’t be charging the medium to light usage which is great compared to the other speakers in this price range. It has a 2000mAh battery inside that lasts for a good 8 hours on each charge.it is made from steel and feels very substantial and premium in the hand. It is very easy to initially connect to the speaker and to utilize the pause, play, skip and answer phone functions. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 which allows for more reliable connections and a longer range which is around 8-10 meters.

The speaker is built with Hi-Fi stereo sound system using 5W output power, to create crisp and clear sound with enhanced boom bass. the superior sound quality is that you always looking for from a compact speaker.there is a good range of bass, mid-range and treble and each compensates each other without an overpowering sound output. the speaker performed well in high bass and treble concentrated music, and it has a good sound field for listening to music from all around the speaker.

This bluetooth speaker is smart choice with perfect size for carrying, traveling, relaxing and training indoor or outdoor.  It boasts IPX5 waterproof so you are able to have this on a shelf in the shower – which meant you could leave personal mobile phone connected with music playing outside the steamy shower room. And you will not worry about the problem if suffered unexpected raining day or got wet. Additionally the speaker can automatically standby power-off for energy saving while not using.

Above audio gadgets are the best deals we sort out to be as a collection of great gifts for almost any family member or friend. These hot sales are popular with its high-end design and cost-effective performance .since we know it helps to be able to find the right item for your budget, we’ve organized these gift suggestions by price too.

Choose AOSO , providing your brilliant audio gadgets ,saving your most spending ,joining us with the best deals you should deserve .

Christmas day , AOSO be with you !

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