【Hot Promotion】AOSO G400 Gaming Headphone$19.99

AOSO G400 PC Gaming Headset with LED Light & Built-in Mic for PC Laptop PS4 Xbox 360


  • [Light-Weight]: Soft earmuffs for skin-friendly and breathable, ergonomic design for long time wearable.
  • [50mm HD Speakers]:Dual 50mm drivers, ensuring a rich bass and 3D gaming scene.
  • [Showy LED Breathing Light]: Multi-color changeable during your gaming, leading you a mystery gaming atmosphere.
  • [Hidden Microphone]: Invisible and noise-canceling microphone, provide you a crystal and clear voice.
  • [Exquisite Workmanship]: Gilding metal and anti-violence double headband, ensuring a longevity and high quality gaming headset.

This headset is an amazing hidden gem hidden in the amazon search browser. The cans are bigger than what appears in the photo, but the entire headset is light weight. The LED lights are not blue as the photo suggest, and changes between a range of colors. The left side can be blue while the right side is red at a given time as they change between colors. There is no option to keep the LED lights on a certain color.

It comes with a 3.5 mm output and input for the speakers and the mic. It also comes with a USB port for the LED lights. The box came with no instructions or CDs for drivers. The cable length is 6.89 feet, and has a nice black rubber coat covering it. Near a foot, it nicely splits off into the two 3.5 mm and usb port.

I got these from the more expensive Audio-Technica ATH-M50s and love these more. The M50s hurt my ear drums more than these headphones when played at the same volume and these headphones have a beautiful booming bass. The sound is somewhat “muffed” which is a problem with almost all sub 100 dollars headsets which results in the highs not sounding “shiny/sweet”. The mid range which is non-existent on cheaper headphones has some life on these.

I highly suggest using DFX Audio Enhancer for these.
Put the Fidelity on “4” to fix the muffed sound
Put the Ambience on “3” to make it sound less flat

The microphone is amazing and crystal clear. The design is a masterpiece as you don’t have to worry about the distance between your mouth and the mic when you speak as it’s located on the left can.

Original price :$29.99

Promotional price :$19.99

Where to buy onUS,DE,UK,IT market :http://www.aosotech.com/product_g400.php



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